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Why I Wharf by Julian Remigaard


The Fall issue of WHARF Magazine is coming out faster than you can say “wharf”, but here’s an essay by Julian Remigaard to whet your wharf in the meantime. 


The Hunt for L. Ron Hubbard’s Frozen Body

The first scene from a new short story I’m working on.

No Mirrors Part 3

No Mirrors Part 2

This is the second piece of my new serialized horror short story, No Mirrors which will be completed by Halloween 2010. You begged me to stop writing because Part 1 scared you too much but I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t leave all of these frightening thoughts locked away in my mind. Now Part 2 has been written and there is no going back. I’ve added Part 2 to the original document so that you can have the whole thing to reference. I take no responsibility for any nightmares that this causes you, because this is what I live with every day of my life.

No Mirrors, Part 1

I’m writing a new horror short story called “No Mirrors” for this upcoming Halloween. It’s being written in pieces and I’m posting them one by one on this site. Once Halloween 2010 arrives, you can read the whole short story aloud at all of the parties you go to. This may be a slow venture because of how far away Halloween is but I promise that the ride is definitely more rewarding than the destination. Here’s Part 1 of “No Mirrors”:

I Used To Be Much Younger

For Nanowrimo last November I started to write a novel but ended up giving up after the fourth day because I couldn’t continue with the point of view I chose and I was lazy. One day I will make it through Nanowrimo but 2009 just wasn’t the year. But I did end up with 4000 usable words that I thought I would add to my blog so that my faithful readers can get a taste of it. So without further ado, here is the first few pages of my second work-in-progress novel that has almost the exact same subject matter as my first work-in-progress novel. Hooray for you!* Here it is:

*This excerpt is not suitable for younger readers. There is some explicit material in the excerpt attempting to reflect the thoughts and actions of fourteen-year-old boys which is not appropriate for everyone. Please continue with caution.

Billy’s Blue Eyes


I wrote a new draft of a story. Feel free to provide feedback. This is horribly formatted because I wrote it on a plane.

“Billy’s Blue Eyes”

I looked at his photo. Billy had two extremely blue eyes, making the thought of other eye colors for Billy seem pretty silly. Green eyes on him? ‘Not a chance’, his mother said.
“I knew even before he opened his eyes when he first came out that he’d have blue eyes. Carl and I both had them,” Billy’s mother went on. “Carl said ‘I’ll have to wait and see what his eye color is before I assume’. We never were much of a match. He didn’t see what the big deal was. Don’t get me started on Carl now. That man was a piece of work. But Lord knows I wouldn’t be talking about Billy’s blue eyes had I not met him. Blue as water those eyes.” Billy’s mother grabbed some tissue paper from a dispensor near her armchair and dabbed at her blue eyes. “Well would you believe this? Me getting teary-eyed thinking about all this. Shame on me. All blue tears coming out of these baby blue eyes. Ain’t nothing compared to Billy’s though.”
Billy’s mother got up suddenly from her chair and walked towards her room. I sat quietly and waited while listening to her grunt in the room. It was five hard grunts and then she was back out with me carrying a blue photo album. The album was labeled “Ocean Blue Eyes” and it had pink frills bordering all of the sides. I thought about what kinds of pictures must be in the album as I grabbed for it. More pictures of Billy, I hoped.

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