Joey and Maria, a play by Julian Remigaard

“Naked Monsters” by Julian Remigaard

Julian Remigaard (1906-1979) wrote Joey and Maria in 1974 after surviving a long bout with syphilis which he contracted from a friend of a friend. The disease left his body extremely fragile which affected his ability to use a typewriter. Joey and Mariahis tenth playwas dictated and then transcribed by Remigaard’s thirteen-year-old niece, Samantha. Samantha described the process as being “scary” when interviewed about it after Remigaard’s death in 1979.

Remigaard’s work has since become almost entirely forgotten in the literary world today and most of his plays are out of print. I became aware of his work through a website called which allows users to download various fart noises to their computer and then use them as alarms or for AIM chat noises. Samantha was also a hyper-user of the site and we became fast friends through their message board. She told me of her uncle’s work and after some prodding, she allowed me to read the play that she had transcribed over 30 years ago.

The play was an absolute delight to read, seldom giving me the impression that it was written by someone under the duress of a sexually transmitted disease. And when she asked me to publish it on my site, I couldn’t have been more pleased. Joey and Maria demonstrates a man at the height of his powers and I’m extremely fortunate to be able to present it to you now.


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