“Cousins” and Other Poems

“You Got It, Dude”

Give me a thumbs up, baby
Don’t be shy
Raise your little thumb up high
Tell the world
You’re my girl
Make me proud
With those Four Fingers down
The clown died on his birthday
Red nose in the casket
An old crumbly wharf rat
With muck on his mind
Why you do dat, clown?
I asked, with his nose twisted around
No answer of course
No sound from the source
For a clown with a heart
More rare than good art
So put that thumb up, babe
And save the clown your grave


Two cousins with their clothes on
Gesturing sad signs for lost lives
And it was supposed to be easy
For me
To not love something
But it hurts like dirt in flip flops
With socks
Make me cry
You already tried
A dirty bird with two few words
Forsake me father, and cast out mother
And uncle, or son, or brother
Leave me in a field of cousins
Forever making fun, but unable to run

“It’s a Party”

Think about a fun time
Let it sit up there
What was the deal with it?
You doin’ fun stuff?
I’ve got no time
Panda bear puss boots zoo-stompin’
Waffles without any syrup
Toast without toasting
Kisses on the cheek
and a dark roast butt
That’s not the fun!
She cried in her sleep
A horse apple’ing near her
Neighing with bubbled lips
That’s not the fun!
He cried with the kid on his back
A buffet of crème brûlée
And no guests are allowed to stay
That’s not the fun!
Black Santa screamed with not one toy
A butter ball in the bathroom stall
Screaming for fun
But ending with none
Be it santa, man, old garbage can
God’s Butt told them no
And Hercules, the king of fun, had to make it so


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